We use our gifts to help your
business grow & succeed online!

Our Why,
It's really simple

God has given us amazing gifts! We love to bless others with them!! The key behind our success is definitely God.  He has brought us so many great clients and has truly been inspirational in our lives.  Many prayers have been answered as we get to serve others with the gifts he has fostered in us  .

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us  to do.”

Ephesians 2:10 NIV

About Creative Designs

1st – We listen to you about your business. We take all of your ideas, wants and needs and start creating a brand that will attract your the perfect clients for your business. We use our skills and create a custom logo, color scheme and overall feel for your business. Then, we plan the branding photography session which is the final branding piece.

2nd – We create a completely custom WordPress website with a clean and modern feel. We incorporate all of the final branding choices to help us create an amazing website that will attract your ideal clients. Once approved we dive into making sure it is rich in keywords to optimize your SEO which helps your website “work” for you online compared to other businesses in your industry.

3rd – Facebook, Instagram, blogging, website updates, email marketing, social media ads, etc are all key items to keeping an online presence! But, don’t worry we can help with that too.

Meet the Team

We are a mother/daughter team that is so incredibly opposite. Which is actually the best part about us . Our differences make us think outside the box and challenge each other so that we can create a final project that makes us proud. We are both very creative, hard working, goal oriented and love to make our clients happy. We have been living the dream of creating websites for 4 years together. We love working with each other and watching a vision come to fruition. We take pride in treating our clients like we would want to be treated.

Deb Ballard

Owner & Designer

How did I start in Website Design & Branding?

I have had an entrepreneurs heart since I was 9 years old.   I realized about 7 years ago that I have a passion to help businesses grow and succeed.   What’s crazy is I found myself loving to watch other businesses grow even more than my own (servants heart).  I built my own website 9+ years ago and it didn’t work for me on Google or any where else.  So because of my love for learning I spent COUNTLESS hours on online trainings, going to conferences and honestly lots of trial and errors.   But from all of that I truly understand how websites are crucial to your business and how a good website can work for you and bring you clients..

Whats the best part of my work day?

I completely love people and I love to listen to their ideas and truly share in their vision for their business in all aspects, goals, vision and ideal client.  Then I leave and I am a Maximizer (Strength Finders) and love to take something OK and make it GREAT.  I love branding and truly branding a business is one of my favorite parts of my job.  I love to create a brand for our clients that people will recognize just like Coca Cola.   I have been a photographer for 10+ years and when we started incorporating branding photography it has been life changing.  I saw what a difference the branding photography makes on a website, social media and how it creates a personal side of the business.  I can honestly say my heart is full when we deliver the complete package.

Shelby Ballard

Owner & Designer

How did I start in Website Design & Branding?

I have always had a passion to be creative. I was a stay at home mom and really wanted to get back to work. My mom was needing someone to take over social media/websites for some of our clients, so of course I jumped at the oppurtunity! Since then I have absolutely fell in love with designing websites. It gives me a chance to be creative while also keeping our clients vision for their dream website.

Whats the best part of my work day?

The best is seeing the faces of our clients when they see their website and are absolutely in love with the design. It’s an amazing feeling to have created something that they envisioned while adding some new aspects that I felt the website might need.

Helping your business succeed is our mission!

We are humbled to be able to partner with you to help you achieve a completely branded website that will attract your ideal client. Owning and/or managing a business is time-consuming and there is not enough hours in a day.   We love to partner with you to create a brand and build a custom WordPress website  to attract your clients.  

“The only way to do Great Work is to love what you do!”