Our Services

1. WordPress Website

2. Business Branding

3 . PHotography
& Videography

4 . Social Media

5 . Business/website

1. WordPress Websites

WordPress websites provide the best organic SEO results, which is why we exclusively work with only wordpress. All of our websites are built from scratch to reflect your current brand or the future brand we build with you.

Working For You

Your website should be more than pretty. It should be working for you!! People search for businesses online and your ranking on Google is incredibly important. When your clients type in keyword to search for your business you want your website to rank high. Changing your ranking is done by good website design, optomizing keywords and a plan to keep your website current.

Building your ranking takes time. So don't wait for in 6 months or 1 year. You need a Keyword Rich website so that you can start growing so that your website can work for you organically


We use ONLY WordPress because it allows us to put keywords on every image, page, post and throughout the website which Google understands. We personalize every website and we only use WordPress. WordPress allows us to create a beautiful, functional, eye catching and SEO rich websites. When your websites has good structure and optimized for SEO it will grow your ranking on Google. Your websites needs to attract clients but also help clients find you.

Selling Your Business

Your website should sell your business to your clients within 60 seconds. You want to create an impactful landing page (1st page) that will show what you offer and be very eye-catching. You should be sending people to your site for valuable information about your business as well.

Your website should be easy to naviaged and show your services and/or products easily and professionally. Your website should be functional for current clientele and also attract new potential clients.

Completely Branded

Your brand logo, colors, fonts, look and feel should be dominant on your website. Your website should encompass and be a key representation of your brand. With professional brand design this should let clients recognize your business and trust your business. Your branding should extend to your social media as well. All posts on social media should have links to your website. This helps them feel the branded content and shows you a trusted professional.

Professional Looking

Your website should be have a professional look and feel. It should showcase your business brand and also let clients feel that you are a professional. If your website is outdated and/or not mobile friendly it will make you look un-professional. In this rapid "gotta have it know" world we live in you've got seconds to show your potential clients that you're a professional that they should do business with.

Indexing 200+ Results

Your Website should have 200+ results on Google. You should have all parts of your website indexing so that you can increase your ranking on Google. A website that is designed well will have keywords that will help you increase your ranking and also have a wide range of keywords for your clients to search. Example: If you are a cake baker your client might search cakes but they also might search unicorn cake the more keywords that you have the more Google references your site.

2. Business Branding

Branding is important when it comes to your business. Any  business that is well branded  will be know imediately by clients and future clients.  Great branding will help you stand out above competitors.

Professional Logo​

A Great Logo Is Crucial. Your brand look, font, colors and dynamics center around a great logo. We love to bring logos to life. The logo should be everywhere so that your clients see the branded logo and immediately think of your company.

Creative Tag Line

What do you sell? What is your mission of your business?  A Tag Line is important to explain what your company does and is crystal clear to your client what you offer.

Fonts & Graphics

As you use fonts for your brand. These fonts are usually ones that are in your logo which helps with brand awareness. You want your fonts and graphics to be consistent throughout your brand.

Selective Color Scheme

Once a logo is finalized and the colors of your brand are choosen that represent your company the best.  The colors of your brand are ones that you want when your client sees your colors to think about your company.

Voice Of Your Brand

Your voice (or company voice) should be evident throughout all social media, website, advertising and anywhere your brand is represented.   No one sells your business like you sell your business.

Looks & Feels Good

When your clients look at your brand they should feel good and want to do business with you. Do you know a company or product that you buy because of the way it makes you feel? Your brand should make you look professional and make them want to do business with you.

3. Photography & Videography

Photography & Videography is a great way to show your business, brand & products without clients having to read. A photo or video makes 10x the impact. What do you see on all over Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok? Photos and Videos.

Having professional photos of your product(s) will help appeal to your clients, compared to dark/out of focus photos taken from your phone. A professional heashot is a must, so your clients know who they’re meeting with. Using your headshot and product photos will help your online presence.

A professional video will sell your business and allow clients to get to know you and your business. People love videos. They will watch a 2 minute video before they read a page of text. A marketing video will sell your business and grow your social media platform! We have partnered with AceLegendary to create amazing videos for our clients.

5. business / website coaching

Feeling like you are stuck inside a box with your business?

We offer business coaching to help you get a clear vision of where your want your business to be. We can also talk about what will help your website grow and how to make it more esthetically pleasing.

Thinking outside the box is what we do!